What critics are saying...

"Honest and searching, Perfection is one young woman's surprising spiritual adventure into her life's work. Wade's richly observed characters and intelligent story telling charm and inspire."

-- Karen Novak, author of Innocence


"I spent three days immersed in the world of Perfection. The fictional dream took me back fifty years...Maggie's experience tied to the tumultuous culture writ large. I learned so much about the journey of a young woman who sought to become a nun at that time."

-- Tom Romano, Professor of Literacy, Miami University


“For those who grew up Catholic during that tectonic shift in the Church following the changes wrought by Vatican II – particularly for those who felt the allure of religious life – Perfection is a refreshing book, reflecting the questions that dog those on a path to personal faithfulness. 

For everyone else, Perfection is simply a tender love story – not just between a man and a woman, but within a family, among friends, and most importantly, between our authentic selves and that Divine Mystery most simply called God – that Mystery endlessly calling us home to the full embrace of love itself. Read this book, but be forewarned: Its engaging prose will make it hard to put down.”
                                                    ~ Barbara Lyghtel Rohrer, author & consultant


"Wade's fictional tale lifts the veil on the decision to live as a young, semi-cloistered religious woman in the 1960s. Maggie's initial quest for perfection and later, quest for modernization and reform within her world, set against the backdrop of the Civil Rights movement, make this story incredibly easy to relate to. Thank you for sharing your words and story with us. They are a gift."                 GOODREADS