What readers are saying...

"I just finished your book!. It didn't take me long because I couldn't put it down. It had character development, a quick pace, and tension- the elements you taught me about for a good novel. The subject matter suited me fine because I was raised catholic and my sister was in the convent. I enjoyed every word, every page and I'm so impressed with your writing. Wow!"
Truly, Linda Ball

"I just finished reading your novel, and I loved it! I loved the themes of Maggie’s search for her calling, search for ‘perfect love’, her honesty and integrity,  woven with the development of the other characters and the inclusion of some of the historic changes and events in the church and in the civil rights movement.  Thank you for writing this book!"     Donna Maile

"I so enjoyed this book! Finished late last night. Great story-telling, engaging and kept me hooked til the end! Thank you!"  - Mary Wood Constable

Perfection is a good read in the best GoodReads way, a rich, personal novel, an engaging history of the age in which it takes place, and inside stories of the religious life and institutions that were about to be as rocked as nearly every other aspect of 1960s life in the United States. - Randy Weeks

"I finished Perfection—it took me only three evenings. I did not want to put it down, and found myself wondering what Maggie was up to when I wasn’t reading! Captivating, interesting, enlightening—your book is a treat and treasure. Thank you for writing it and for bringing the strong voice of Maggie into my life." – Lisa Prantl

"As I hold the book for reading, the tactile sensation of feeling the matte finish is so appropriate to the concept of your story-telling...human, delicate, soft to the touch...just a perfect feel for cradling the book in the hands and savoring the story!"  - Gert Stefanko

"I was disappointed when I was done - I wanted more!!!  I even walked almost 2 hours on the treadmill while reading it, as I couldn't put it down. When will the sequel come out???"  Sr.Jeanne Wiest, OP

"I finished your book about a week ago and have been living with your characters all this past week.  I especially enjoyed the character of Jack - I think he'll live with me a long long time."  – Janie Baer

"I loved Maggie and I loved taking her journey with her. Thank you so much for sharing your voice and her story!   Allyson Jacob

"I don't want to call it a 'page turner,' because it is much more than that, but it is keeping me up late at night! " Robbie Schaffner

"Absolutely Superb-Loving Perfection - will tell all my friends!"

"Good story. Good characters. Believable behavior by the characters. Kathleen Wade depicted the convent setting and the zeitgeist with authority. The gradual changes and how young nuns and young priests seized the loosening of constrictions was true. I recommend the book."   - Bibliophile on Amazon

"Definitely a page turner. I trust it is even more intriguing to those who haven’t been privileged to live this life. This was the right time for this to be published."

"A roller coaster of a plot, mirroring the times in the country and the Church. Interesting too following the story of the 50s Catholic school girl maturing into an independent and ambitious woman of the 70s."  – Mark Mikulski

"Just finished your book.  I really enjoyed it.  I was so, so impressed with your writing.  I started out slow because I had no knowledge of Convent life and after the first few chapters, I couldn’t figure out why anyone would do this, (of course this is coming from someone who never felt that kind of faith before) but your writing kept me going and things moved quickly.  Soon, I was hooked and breezed through the rest, totally engaged and thinking about the character when I wasn’t reading it. Great Job!  I’m not sure if Brava is appropriate but what the hell, “Brava!”  I really mean it when I say you have a gift; if you decide to write another book, I look forward to reading it." - Denny